3 thoughts on “Welsh Senior Open, 29 August 2010”

  1. The pool sheet for the U48/52kg Women that you have posted is incorrect. In the combined Under 48 kg and Under 52 kg Women’s competition, Amelia Cook beat Gillian Hendry by a Waza Ari in the final not the other way round and then Ms Hendry got a Hansoku-make and was disqualified. You got it right in your original post (#71544 – Today at 11:18 AM Re: Welsh Senior Open) but someone filled out the pool sheet incorrectly … please correct.

  2. The pool sheets are correct – i have put the round numbers on to clarify – the first fight was won by Hendry by waza-ari, the second fight was won by Cook by yuko and the third, and final, fight was won by Cook by hansoku-make.


  3. The M6 -73kg results have been posted onto the M7 -73kg results in the summary. They are on twice.


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